Porsche 935 K3 ’79 LE MANS Winner & NE24006 DETAIL UP PARTS

Kremer Racing is a motorsport team based in Köln, Germany, founded by Porsche dealer Erwin Kremer and his brother Manfred. Not only that, they also managed a tuning shop for Porsche with original technology. Many drivers were growing up to be successful in the world by using the Porsche 911 tuned by Kremer. Since 1976 Kremer had been involved in the development of the Porsche 935, and showed their ability with original modification to the Kremer Porsche 935. That was the 935 K3, to be called as the final evolution model. The 935 K3 was introduced in 1979, powered by the air-cooled flat-six engine 2994cc, which was based on a water-cooled only cylinder head adopted by the 1978 Porsche 935. Equipped with two KKK turbocharged engines and had reached a maximum output of more than 700 hp. In the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1979, the Porsche 935 K3 recorded a top speed of 217 miles, about 349km/h. Furthermore, the original body design showed excellent aerodynamic performance.