The Porsche 911, a sports car created by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, was introduced in 1964. The performance of rear-mounted flat-six engine and the high practicality of securing four seats attracted many fans. In addition, since its debut, the Porsche 911 has been continuously improved according to the times and has kept its charm. The Porsche 911 is one of the famous cars that has been engraved in its history for more than 100 years.

     The Porsche 911 is active in motorsports field, range from road racing on the circuit to rallying. The Porsche 911 also creates several models in response to the changing regulations of the times, and in 1984, a rally car that fitted with Group B regulations was created. 20 or 21 homologation models called the 911 SC RS were produced based on 911 SC. It was said that 6 of them were secured as works team machines. The machine was sent to the British racing team Prodrive, led by racing car constructor David Richards, who was entrusted with the development and operation of the rally team.

     The 911 SC RS was a rear-engine 2WD. The engine was a 2996cc air-cooled flat-six engine and generated maximum output of 300 horsepower. The chassis was designed based on the 911 Turbo(Type 930). The weight was reduced thoroughly by using aluminum-made front bonnet and door panel, Kevlar-made rear spoiler, and duralumin-made roll cage, and the weight was only 960 kg. The lightweight was saw as a weapon in the era when the 4WD played a leading role in Group B rallies.

  The team led by Prodrive was mainly active in the European Rally Championship and the Middle East Rally Championship. The 911 SC RS made its debut at the Qatar Rally in January 1984, and made its debut win with Saeed Al Hajri at the wheel. In addition, The 911 SC RS won the Oman Rally and Dubai Rally in the Middle East Rally Championship. Al Hajri was successfully crowned champion. Later, Henri Toivonen also competed for the championship at the European Rally Championship. The 911 SC RS showed its presence by participating in the WRC as a spot, and the activity continued until 1985.