In the 1970s, global automakers were busy complying with the vehicle emission gas control regulations. In the midst of this situation, Mitsubishi, who was active in the rally, was suspended from his activities in 1977.
However, while the prospect of regulations had been set, Mitsubishi first started with facelift of product lineup, and then moved to resumed motor sports activities. Needless to say, the field was Rally. The European specifications of Lancer EX2000 Turbo was announced to be the base vehicle of the rally car at the Tokyo Motor Show held in the fall of 1979, and caused a sensation in the Mitsubishi booth. The engine was equipped with a 1997cc inline 4-cylinder SOHC at the front in the body that adopted the flush surfaced design with a full model change and focused on more indoor space. One turbocharger manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and an intercooler system were equipped. The intake system was equipped with an electronic fuel controll, and produced 80 horsepower. With the rear-whee-drive 2WD, the Lancer EX2000 Turbo adopted a conventional two-wheel drive system of the front-engine and rear-drive. The rally specification of Lancer Turbo, which continued to mature in 1980, made its debute at the WRC Round 6 Acropolis Rally in 1981. Although it retired in this rally, the next race at the 9th round 1000 Lake Rally, the Lancer EX Turbo finished in 10th place, 11th place, and 12th place with three cars. Furthermore, the Lancer Turbo competed in many rallies such as the RAC rally and proceeded with development. The next year, at the 9th Round of 1982, 1000 Lake Rally, the Lancer Turbo won the third place in P. Airikkala’s drive. However, Group B models such as Audi Quattro and mid-engined Lancia Rally, which already adopted 4WD system were the leading roles. The Lancer Turbo with FR 2WD system for the Group 4 race, continued to fight well until 1983, and retired from the front line. However, the experience and technology handed over to Mitsubishi’s subsequent machines, and created an era such as Lancer Evolution and others.