The car racing in Group A regulations, which was introduced from 1981, was the closest to the commercial-use model with limited modification. It gained popularity since the cars battled fiercely in racing field were familiar with the cars running on the streets. In Japan, the JTC(Japanese Touring Car Championship) started in 1985. Automakers participated one after another with the aim of the promotional effect of commercial-use cars, and the race went on to a great success.

With the revival of Skyline GT-R, the race reached a climax. The battle for the championship between Skylines attracted large crowds of spectators. But the skyline wasn’t the only one that livened up the race. Group A race was divided into three divisions depending on the displacement. The Division 3 was for cars up to 1600cc, where there was also a  fierce battle for the Class Championship. The main competition was between Toyota and Honda. At the time of the beginning of the JTC, Toyota introduced 86 Levin, and Honda introduced the AT type, so-called Wonder Civic. In 1985 and 1986, Honda was defeated by Toyota in a close, however, as the development progressed, Honda in 1987 finally won the Class Championship. The next year, in 1988 Honda Civic was significantly redesigned to the 4th generation EF type, so-called Grand Civic. The Group A Grand Civic won the double title for the constructors’ and the diver’s championships in 1988, but lost the drivers’ title to Toyota next year. While such a rival confrontation continued, Honda Civic introduced Civic SiR (model name EF9) equipped with VTEC system B-16A engine. The Croup A Civic SiR won the rivalry with Toyota and won the constructors’ championship in 1990 and 1991. The next year 1992, the further evolved Civic EG6 took the baton, and the intense battles with rival Toyota made the crowds excited in the circuit. The Civic was used actively by several teams, and one of them was the Mooncraft Team led by racing car designer Takuya Yura. Sponsored by JACCS, the JACCS Civic was given colorful markings and attracted the eyes of fans. The EF9 type was used from 1990 to the first half of 1992. The Civic EF9 proved itself in the battles with rival Toyotas, and also had great battles between Civics.